Iselin Haaland

Having my own sportswear brand has been a dream for a long time. From studying in university, traveling to different countries for modelling, being a content creator and at the same time working out every day - my go to outfit has always been any kind of sports clothes.

They should be comfortable, flexible, flattering, good quality and make you feel good. 

However, I was always struggling to find the perfect sports set that would fulfil all my requirements.

This is why I decided to start my own fitness brand. To create the perfect everyday sportswear that makes you feel amazing from the moment you put it on.

The brand

Signature Aesthetics

Iselin Sportswear represent a harmonious blend of sophistication and athleticism.

Each collection is meticulously designed to embody a sense of timeless elegance, featuring clean lines, exquisite detailing, and a color palette that ranges from bold and vibrant to understated and refined.

Empowering the Modern Woman

Iselin celebrates the modern woman who values self-care and wellness.

Beyond just clothing, the brand fosters a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about health, fitness, and personal growth. Iselin's message is clear: you can be strong, stylish, and successful without compromise.

"It's a lifestyle"

  • Breathable

    Advanced breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate freely and ensures that you stay cool and dry. 

  • Quick-Dry

    Our sport set is equipped with quick-dry technology that wicks moisture away from your skin, ensuring that you stay dry. 

  • Active Stretch

    Our sport set offers exceptional active stretch capabilities: move freely and confidently without any restriction, allowing you to perform at your best while maintaining optimal flexibility.


  • Sweat-Wicking

    With sweat-wicking technology built into every fibre, you can say goodbye to discomfort caused by damp, clingy clothing. 

  • Anti-Cameltoe

    Our sports thighs are designed in a unlike way for you to feel more confident and comfortable during your workouts.